A Breakdown Of Brooklyn’s Trendiest Neighborhoods

Manhattan might get a lot of attention, but if you’re looking for a whole new view of New York City, Brooklyn is where it’s at. Over the past few years, the borough has become increasingly popular for both tourists and new residents moving across the river from Manhattan. Brooklyn has long been home to millions of New Yorkers of all walks of life, but this most recent wave of new residents is known for creativity, style, and a sense of what’s trendy. Brooklyn is massive, so if you’re wondering where to start exploring, below are a few of the trendiest neighborhoods you might want to check out.

Most people know Williamsburg as the epicenter of a massive shift in pop culture. Artists and creatives who moved into Williamsburg’s affordable (at the time) rental spaces helped launch the “hipster” phenomenon that ultimately radiated nationwide. A visit to Williamsburg is an exploration of what’s hip. You can explore shops and galleries, peek into the beautiful Wythe Hotel, and soak in the area’s creative energy.

This neighborhood adjacent to Williamsburg is home to some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline that Brooklyn has to offer. Like Williamsburg, Greenpoint has become a haven for creatives, so art collectives and other creative centers have popped up in the area. Greenpoint also has vibrant Polish roots that impact the neighborhood’s culture.

Park Slope
On warm days, many Brooklynites flock to Prospect Park. Park Slope, the adjacent neighborhood, is so relaxing that it often feels like an extension of the park itself. The idyllic community is known for its brownstones and family-friendly feel. You’ll find charming boutiques, innovative bars, a great farmer’s market, and a whole lot of strollers.

Fort Greene
Fort Greene’s aesthetic is quintessential Brooklyn. The wide streets, breathtaking brownstones, and historic blocks the borough is known for all make a home in Fort Greene. The neighborhood is centered around Fort Greene Park, a historical site in its own right, and offers excellent restaurants in addition to sprawling scenic blocks for relaxing strolls.

Williamsburg’s neighbor to the east has come to represent what Williamsburg did in its early days: creative expression, relatively affordable housing, and an “anything goes” attitude. For visitors, that equates to an industrial chic aesthetic, totally out-there fashion, and a vast offering of striking street art. You’ll find lots of warehouse spaces transformed into coffee shops or lofts, and a trendy nightlife scene. Bushwick is also home to Roberta’s Pizza, one of the most popular pizza joints in New York City—and in a city that knows its pizza, that’s a pretty major accomplishment.

Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, And Carroll Gardens
These three neighborhoods are certainly unique in their own right, but visitors will often check out all three in one go. Situated near downtown Brooklyn, each community offers historic homes, creative shops, and a shockingly peaceful atmosphere for being in the midst of a major city. You’ll spot brownstones with big front yards, the occasional cobblestone street, and more top-notch coffee shops then you could ever need.

Short for “Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” this tiny industrial neighborhood is sandwiched between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge, and it’s home to lots of high-rent skyscrapers and creative start-ups. It’s easy to see why: the waterfront views of the Manhattan skyline are unmatched. Combine that with the former factory district’s unique architecture, and you’ve got a recipe for a neighborhood worth writing home about. DUMBO has great food and art galleries, but one of the best ways to spend time there is to simply take a long walk and enjoy the views. It’s a great place to explore after walking across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan.

Coney Island
“Trendy” might feel like an odd word to describe iconic Coney Island, but people are flocking to the neighborhood for more than just the famous amusement park. It’s a great place to enjoy a summer day on the beach or on the famous Wonder Wheel ferris wheel, but lots of visitors are also attracted to Coney Island’s bright colors and quirky vintage aesthetic. On any given sunny day, you’ll see plenty of fashion-focused photo shoots taking place.