I am Annaline Dinkelmann.

Ten years ago I left my Wall Street job and became a day trader. That was fun to have all day to myself. But at the same time, very lonely. All my friends were at work and I had nobody to “play with”.

In August 2007 I turned my passion for the stock market and business into a successful walking tour business.

People love getting a tour guide who has a background in the finance industry. I successfully translated and navigated that world of finance. Breaking it down for students, their parents and teachers.

My Wall Street Walks in-person tours walk people through the heart of the New York financial district. People learn how the stock market works, what the role is of all the related financial institutions and how it all works together.

Many school groups have joined my tour. Teachers return yearly to bring their class. The kids get to experience the stock market and it makes it all the more real for them.

“It’s not just a building in a game.”

Many people cannot afford to travel to New York. Other people do not want the hassle of organizing a trip to New York. So I am now taking my tours and classes online!

“While doing Wall Street tours I witnessed the rebirth of Ground Zero and this is how


“Since day 1 of giving tours I realized I had become a travel planner. So many questions to answer when planning a trip.

To help people plan I started in 2012 by publishing an iPad travel magazine called Dinks NY.

Over time that morphed and became a series of travel planning guides for visitors to New York.”