Bicycle Tours

If you love fresh air and exercise, New York City bicycle tours are an excellent option for getting to know the city. You can experience New York by bike either independently or in a group, and both options are delightful in their own way.


If you’re looking for a more independent experience, you can rent a bike for a self-guided bicycle tour. Many tour companies offer bicycles that you can take out for the day on your own. With this option, you can choose your own route, and can hop on or off your bicycle whenever you’d like. This can be especially fun when touring Central Park or following another major New York City bike path. The most important thing on a self-guided bike tour is to be aware of traffic. New York bike paths are often close to the road and to cars, so be sure to remain vigilant. Watch out for both vehicles and for other bikes, and be sure to follow the rules of the road and bike path.


If you’d like a guide to lead you through the city on your bicycle, you can buy tickets for a guided bicycle tour. These can be private tours consisting of just you, your fellow travelers, and your guide; or they can be group tours. With private tours, you can have the experience tailored to your preferences. That said, group tours also have their own distinct benefits: you’ll be able to meet other travelers, and the energy of a group can be quite fun. Either way, you’ll benefit from having an experienced tour guide leading you on your path.


When you choose a guided tour, you won’t have to worry about looking up directions around the city, as your guide will lead you through the route. The guide will also share interesting facts on the tour about notable locations in the city and their history. If you love capturing the moment as much as possible, another perk of guided bicycle tours is that many include the option of bringing a personal photographer on the tour with you. Either option is a great adventure, and a fun way to get out and enjoy the sunshine on a nice day.


How To Make The Most Of A New York City Bicycle Tour

  • Wear a helmet, as well as comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • Follow all of your guide’s safety instructions.
  • Make sure that before you get on your bicycle, you’re aware of the rules of New York City roads and bike paths, and that you know how to steer clear of cars.
  • Bring sunglasses in case the weather is extra bright, and bring a water bottle in case you get thirsty.
  • Be ready to have a great time!