New York City Bus Tours

New York City bus tours provide an excellent overview of the city. From the comfort of a bus seat, you can explore all that New York City has to offer. Get from point A to B in the same process.

There is a bus tour for every type of travel preference. You can take a new york bus tour that introduces you to the entire city or to one topic. Consider taking a bus tour that focuses on locations of movies or TV shows. You can even take a bus tour that includes live-action performances.

All in all, there are three main types of New York City bus tours. Hop On Hop Off Double Decker Buses are a great way to take in the city. You can sit outside on the top of the bus to take a look at New York’s most famous buildings and landmarks. This is especially fun on warm, sunny days.

The best part of taking this type of New York bus tour is that your ticket allows you to, as the title suggests, hop on and off the bus as you please. If you see an attraction on the bus ride that looks exciting to you, you can get off the bus. You can even check it out and catch another bus later to continue the route at your leisure.

New York City Bus Tour Options

Another great option is The Ride. The Ride is a unique style of buses that came onto the scene over the past few years. The Ride uses buses with stadium seating and floor-to-ceiling windows. It incorporates live performances, virtual reality and other perks to bring New York City to life in a unique way.

Because thebus is warm and enclosed, it’s especially great for the winter months. The Ride’s original New York City bus tour centers around midtown, but they also offer The Downtown Experience. The Downtown Experience gives you a fascinating look at lower Manhattan’s history.

Another type of New York City bus tour experience is Personalized Sightseeing Tours. These buses are for groups of ten people and offer a more personal experience than traditional double decker buses. These tours also allow you to hop on and hop off the bus, but you’ll often stay with the same group throughout the tour. Your guide will always be tailoring the experience to your group’s specific situation.

How To Make The Most Of A New York City Bus Tour
  • Keep the weather in mind when booking. If youre taking a bus tour in the winter, you may want to opt for an experience like The Ride, where youll be inside a warm indoor space.
  • When taking a double decker bus, bring sunglasses and sunscreen for the upper deck.
  • If youre taking a hop on hop off New York City bus tour, glance at the route before you board. This way, youll have a sense of context for what youll be seeing, and if there are any places youd like to get off, youll be anticipating the stop in advance.