New York City Jazz Tours

To get to know New York on a creative and personal level, book a New York City jazz tour. New York City jazz tours are best for music fans, and they tend to be very specific in their focus. New York City has been a center of the jazz world since the ‘20s. You can find all different styles of jazz, blues, and swing playing throughout the city each night.

Most jazz tours cover the music scene in Harlem, which has a rich musical history, or Greenwich Village, which is home to many jazz clubs. On a jazz tour, you’ll experience music venues that have stood for decades. These music venues have played an integral part in shaping New York City’s cultural history. Your guide will point out the history of each neighborhood and establishment you visit, and will explain the jazz movement’s past along the way. Many guides will be knowledgeable in seeking out hidden venues you’d likely never spot on your own. You’ll spend enough time at each venue to soak in the music, and will walk or take public transport between each location.


Choosing The Best New York City Jazz Tour  

New York City jazz tour guides are usually well-versed on which venues are the most fun on each night of the week. Tour guides usually know which local bands offer the most exciting live performances. They can help you get up close and personal with the music. Some tours will introduce you to the musicians after their set! Some may even take things to the next level by providing an opportunity to jam onstage with the band.
You can take a jazz tour with a group of other like-minded travelers, or you can arrange for a custom tour for your individual group. The individual option can be fun for a couple or family who wants to celebrate a special occasion.

How To Make The Most Of A New York City Jazz Tour

  • Wear comfortable shoes and lots of layers, as you’ll likely be walking outside between venues.
  • Be ready for some delightfully loud music. If you prefer to wear earplugs while enjoying live tunes, bring some with you.
  • Jazz tours provide an opportunity to get lost in the music, and perhaps dance along, so leave any self-consciousness at the door. You’re there to have fun, so don’t be afraid to let loose!