100 Tips for Planning a Corporate Event and Meeting in New York

New York is known as the business city, and I don’t know one business person who would not like to attend a meeting or make a business trip to New York.

If you are planning a corporate event in New York, here are many hotels, and many options to do spectacular events that will be a memorable corporate event for the entire career of people, sometimes at a company.

When doing a corporate event in New York, you also have many options to give the group free time. They will want to many of the things that is unique in New York and can be done nowhere else.

If you are a meeting planner, here are many meeting venues in New York, and lots of people that you can hire, to work on your event for registration, and all the other things that you often need just temporary help to make your meeting successful.

However, putting it all together can be quite daunting, because many things are unique to New York.

From the many corporate trips and meetings we have put together, or worked together with companies, these are my tips to reduce the headaches, and make it easy for you to plan.


These guidebooks contains all the information I have given out over the years to the various groups touring with us to help you plan and make it easy. I hope it can also help you. – Annaline Dinkelmann

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