100 Tips to Plan a Student Tour to New York

Most groups in my experience, when planning a student tour, budget is uppermost in their mind. Thus our guide recommends places where you can buy takeout, picnic, travel with the subway, and ways to economize and save money.

Also, the goal of many student trips is really learning. Learning from the classroom in the streets of New York is one of the best life experiences students can have.

Many performance groups are looking for venues to perform. Business students groups, want to about business. Or perhaps, to visit a Wall Street company to learn about what they do, careers, and what it’s like to work there.

Often putting this together presents unique problems. Half the group are business students, the other half of the group are a performance group. Putting it all together, figuring out the best way, can often be tricky.

We put together the pieces of the puzzle in an easy, understandable way.‚Äč


These guidebooks contains all the information I have given out over the years to the various groups touring with us to help you plan and make it easy. I hope it can also help you. – Annaline Dinkelmann

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