Five Tips To Enjoy A Walking Tour:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be standing and walking for about 90min to 2 hours.
  2. Use the bathroom before the tour, as normally there is no bathroom stop during a walking tour.
  3. Dress for the weather.

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What About Free Walking Tours?

There really are no free walking tours. Somebody somewhere along the line pays for it.

Many of the free walking tours in New York are provided by the business districts or museums. They pay the tour guides to provide the tour and thus its free to the public.

Several companies offer free tours. The tour…

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What Is A Walking Tour?

A New York walking tour is an in depth tour of a few blocks of a neighborhood. Many of the walking tours specialize in specific topics. For example, Wall Street walking tours, tours of the Lower East Side, Central Park or Harlem tours.

On a walking tour, you join with other people with the same interest as you. You start at a specific meeting point. Then you walk…

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