Pedicab Tours

If youd like to sit outside to see the city, New York City pedicab tours are one option. Pedicab tours consist of sitting behind a bicycle, which is pedaled by your tour guide. Pedicab tours may seem convenient at first—especially if you havent booked a tour in advance and pedicab driver pulls up just as youre wishing you could sit down—but they can come along with quite a few drawbacks.


New York City pedicab tours can be very expensive, and many rides clock in at $2 to $5 per minute. You also wont always be guaranteed to receive accurate information from your pedicab tour guide. While some pedicab guides are knowledgeable, others are not able to provide much more detailed information about the sights youre seeing than a quick online search could.


Youll most often see pedicab tour guides in Central Park and in busy areas, like Midtown Manhattan. You can book a more structured pedicab tour in advance, which you can sometimes tailor to your specific sightseeing preferences. On the other hand, you can also hop onto a waiting pedicab for a walk-up tour, which can serve as more of an open-air cab for short distances. Walk-up pedicab rides will get you to your destination with perhaps a bit of background info about the sites youre passing along the way.


Like walking tours or the top level of double decker buses, New York City pedicab tours are conducted outside. Some will play uplifting music along your ride. All of this can be appealing on a sunny day. Pedicab tours that rely solely on traditional bicycles can be more environmentally friendly than some vehicle-powered tour options, but many modern pedicabs include the use of motorized bicycles.


Because the quality of pedicab tours can be more hit or miss than many other types of tours, reserving a pedicab tour in advance offers your best bet of ending up with an experience led by a trained, knowledgeable guide. Tours booked in advance usually range anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 hours, and sometimes allow you to choose your own specific starting and ending locations. Pre-booked tours will sometimes pick you up at your hotel or another location of your choice.


How To Make The Most Of A New York City Pedicab Tour

  • Double check prices in advance. Because pedicabs can be expensive, especially when it comes to walk-up rides, be sure youre getting the best deal you possibly can. Clarify the price with your guide before your ride begins.
  • Dress for the weather. Many pedicabs will offer canopies and blankets, but be sure you have layers on to stay warm or cool off.
  • On summer days, bring a water bottle and a hat or visor to offset the heat. Wear sunscreen too!
  • Bring your camera and wear comfortable shoes, as many pedicabs will stop for photo ops and short walking breaks.