Vehicle Tours

If youre looking to take in the city from the viewpoint of a comfortable car seat, New York City vehicle tours are a great option. On a vehicle tour, youll be taken on a private drive through the city. This can be especially helpful if you have small children, limited mobility, or are with a group that would like to see the city on your own terms.

Many vehicle tours offer set itineraries, but others are adaptable to your preferences and can create custom drives based on what youd like to see. Vehicle options can include cozy SUVs or even limousines for special occasions. You can choose a vehicle tour company that provides the whole tour experience as a one-stop shop, or you can go more of a DIY route by separately choosing your tour guide and vehicle.

If you choose a do-it-yourself option, you can book the services of an experienced tour guide and separately book a private driver through a reputable car company. When you do this, the tour guide will get into the car with you and point out details along the way, and your driver will chauffeur you to whichever locations you choose. Both types of tours can be very fun and informative, and a great way to bond with your fellow travelers as you are driven from place to place.

Vehicle tours can be costly, but youll get your moneys worth for those prices, and will often see a large amount of the city in a very short time. The price can also be a bit more manageable if youre traveling with a large enough group to offset the cost. Vehicle tour companies can provide an extremely personal view of New York. Guides on vehicle tours are often experienced locals who can point out landmark sites as you pass them, and can help you get to know the history of the neighborhoods you drive through.

You can book a tour that provides a general overview of the city, but many companies also offer themed tours, where you can get to know a specific neighborhood or aspect of the New York experience. You can also take a tour that stops for walking tours and photo breaks at specific spots before whisking you away to the next location with having to use public transit. The tours can range from a few hours to an entire day.

How To Make The Most Of A New York City Vehicle Tour

  • Dress for the weather even though youll be inside a vehicle. Many tours offer opportunities to get out of the car, walk around, and take pictures. Youll want to be ready to face the elements!
  • Bring your camera, as youll see plenty of photo opportunities.
  • Pack water and protein-filled snacks in case you get hungry along the way.