Williamsburg Guide

Williamsburg, Brooklyn has experienced a striking transformation over the past few years. The neighborhood is sometimes thought of as the epicenter of New York’s hipster culture, but it also has an even richer history behind its current offering of trendy coffee shops and vibrant galleries.

In the twentieth century, Williamsburg became home to thriving Hasidic, Hispanic, Italian, and Polish communities. The area once offered a wealth of factory jobs, which kept the community booming. When those factories began to close in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the neighborhood suffered from major economic loss.

In the aftermath, artists and creatives began to venture across the river from Manhattan, attracted to Williamsburg’s lower rent and relative space. As Williamsburg’s creative community grew, galleries, boutiques, and artisanal shops popped up on every corner. Somewhere along the way, the neighborhood transformed into the cultural hot topic it is today.

These days, many see Williamsburg as being on the cutting edge of what’s trendy. During the day, the neighborhood is full of casual shoppers and stylishly dressed pedestrians perusing the shops and galleries on each block. By night, the area is a lively space to kick back with a drink or enjoy a carefully crafted meal. The community is just one subway stop away from Manhattan, so it’s a great place to explore for the day without a long trek.

Wander through McCarren Park, walk along the waterfront, gaze out at the Manhattan skyline, soak in the music scene, peek into the Wythe Hotel, and stop into galleries that catch your eye. If you’re loving the atmosphere, you can also venture north to Greenpoint, the next neighborhood over, for another great slice of Brooklyn charm.

What To See In Williamsburg

  • The Wythe Hotel
  • McCarren Park
  • Waterfront
  • Smorgasburg
  • Bedford Avenue Boutiques And Galleries